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FRI 710/6 Regulator

Price: $395.82

Item Code : 230474

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Quick Overview

1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2" NPT Or Rp
Outlet Pressure Ranges 1" To 80" W.C.


1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2" NPT Or Rp
Outlet Pressure Ranges 1" To 80" W.C.
Standard Spring 4" To 12" W.C. (Blue)
Formerly: 230-474


The FRI /6 Balancing Type Pressure Regulator Combines A Pressure Regulator And A 50 Micron Gas Filter In One Housing. Various Combinations Are Possible Using The FRI /6 With The Most Of The DMV Shutoff Valves For A Compact, Modular System:

  1. Stand-Alone Pressure Regulator And Gas Filter With Threaded Flanges, Or Direct Mount To DMV Sizes 701, 702 And 703 Series Safety Shutoff Valves.
  2. Regulator Output Pressure Monitored By Direct Mounting An A2 Type Pres- Sure Switch. Additional Ports To Sense Inlet And Outlet Pressure Are Also Located On The Threaded Flanges.
  3. Heavy Duty Diaphragm Construction For Durability And Strength.
  4. Steady, Precise And Instantaneous Regulation Of The Outlet Pressure.
  5. Lock-Up Type Regulator (See Page 2 And 3 For Details).
  6. Factory Installed Vent Limiter. Review Applicable Codes For Vent Line Requirements.


&NBsp;The FRI /6 Pressure Regulator Is Recommended For Industrial And Commercial Heating Applications And Is Suitable For Natural Gas, Propane, Butane, Air And Inert Gases. Suitable For Up To 0.1% By Volume, Dry H S.

A Dry Gas Has A Dew Point Lower Than +15°F And Its Relative Humidity Is Less Than 60 %.


Body Sizes Flanges

FRI 705/6 - FRI 707/6 - FRI 710/6-712/6
1/2&Quot; - 1&Quot; NPT Or Rp 1&Quot; - 2&Quot; NPT Or Rp

Max. Operating Pressure

7 PSI (500 Mbar) Ul And CE

5 PSI (350 Mbar) CSA

Max. Body Pressure

15 PSI (1000Mbar)

Input Pressure Range

2 In. W.C. To 200 In. W.C. (5 Mbar To 500 Mbar)

Output Pressure Range

1 In. W.C. To 60 In. W.C. (2.5 Mbar To 150 Mbar); Adjustable With Different Springs
Actual Outlet Pressure Is +/- 15 % Of Set Pressure (15 % Hystersis/Droop)

Materials In Contact With Gas

Housing: Aluminium
Seals And Diaphragms:NBr-Based Rubber

Ambient Temperature Rating

+5°F To +150°F For Up To 7 PSI For Regulating Behavior (+/-10 % Of Setpoint).
-40°F To +150°F: Diaphragms Are Suitable For The Low Temperature, But There May Be Out Of Range Regulating Behavior.
CSA CErtified For -40°F To +150°F For Up To 5 PSI.
-15°C To +70°C Applies To The CE Marking.

Installation Position

Regulator Dome From Vertically Upright To Lying Horizontally

Test Ports/
Pressure Switch Mounting Ports

One G 1/8 Iso 228 Test Ports On Each Side Of Regulator, Sensing Downstream Pressure, And One On Each Inlet And Outlet Flange (If Used As A Stand Alone Regulator).

Gas Filter (Standard)

50 Micron; Replaceable

Vent Line/Back Loading Port/Breathing Plug

Vent Line Connection Is G 1/4 Iso 228. The FRI Also Has A Factory Installed Vent Limiter, Which Limits The Escape Of Gas To Less Than 0.5 Cfh @ 5 PSI In Case Atmospheric Diaphragm Ruptures. Venting Required Unless Otherwise Accepted By The Authority Having Jurisdiction.


Hysteresis Is Less Than 10 % For Up To 7 PSI Inlet. Average Droop At 20:1 Turndown Is 10% For Up To 7 PSI.


Mounts To DMV Type

Flange NPT

Order No.

FRI 705/6 -FRI 707/6

DMV 701



FRI 705/6 -FRI 707/6

DMV 701



FRI 705/6 -FRI 707/6

DMV 701



FRI 710/6 -FRI 712/6

DMV 702 Or DMV 703



FRI 710/6 -FRI 712/6

DMV 702 Or DMV 703

1 1/4&Quot;


FRI 710/6 -FRI 712/6

DMV 702 Or DMV 703

1 1/2&Quot;


FRI 710/6 -FRI 712/6

DMV 702 Or DMV 703



Stand Alone Mounting Kit
(One Kit Included In Each FRI Box)

Order No.


FRI 705/6 &Amp; FRI 707/6


Consists Of 8 Bolts: M6 X 30; 2 X O-Rings.

FRI 710/6 &Amp; FRI 712/6


Consists Of 8 Bolts: M8 X 35 For 1&Quot; NPT And 1 1/4&Quot; NPT, And 8 Bolts: M8 X 40 For 1 1/2&Quot; NPT And 2&Quot;.
2 O-Rings

DMV Mounting Kit
(One Kit Included In Each FRI Box)

Order No.


FRI 705/707 On DMV 701


4 Bolts: M6 X 30 And 1 O-Ring.

FRI 710/6 &Amp; FRI 712/6


4 Bolts: M8 X 45 And 1 O-Ring

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