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AB009 GE Dresser Roots Battery Pack

Replacing the Battery Pack



AB009 GE Dresser Roots Battery Pack

Replacing the Battery Pack

If the low battery indication is active, the battery pack should be changed within the next 2 months.

IMC/W2’s should not be left with discharged packs inside them as discharged cells are more prone to leak than are new or partially used cells. If the IMC/W2 is to be stored for any length of time, the battery pack should be removed and stored separately.

If the internal battery voltage is low, the battery icon will be displayed when the front panel button is pressed. The icon will be present until display test is selected or the default corrected total display is set or the battery voltage rises above the low threshold.
NOTE: The low battery fault latch will only be set when the battery voltage has been low for 24 consecutive hours.

Before replacing the battery pack press the front panel selector button on the IMC/W2. This operation ensures that the latest corrected and uncorrected totals are stored in the permanent memory of the IMC/W2. Super capacitors will maintain normal operation of the unit during battery replacement.

For protection against static damage, it is essential that anti-static precautions are taken when the IMC/W2 is opened.

The battery pack affects the intrinsic safety of the IMC/W2 and must be replaced with the correct Dresser battery pack.
To replace the battery pack:
1. Press the front panel selector button on the front of the IMC/W2.
2. Unscrew the 4 screws holding the front panel of the IMC/W2 using a hexagon wrench or suitable Allen key.
3. Unplug the battery connector from the main circuit board mounted behind the front panel.
4. Use a screw driver to remove the 4 screws (and 4 washers) holding the battery pack.
5. Remove the old battery pack.
6. Place the new battery pack in to position and replace the 4 screws and 4 washers.
7. Plug the new battery pack into the main circuit board, such that the battery plug engages correctly with the connector locking ramp on the circuit board.
8. Check that the IMC/W2 displays the default parameter of the LCD and the normal operation has resumed.
9. Carefully dress the battery lead and the other wirings so that they will not be trapped between the enclosure and front panel.
10. Replace and retighten the screws holding the front panel.

NOTE: The battery pack contains alkaline manganese cells. Observe any local regulations on disposal of this type of battery.

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